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Why Buy Free-Light?

Free-Light Solar Lights Compared to Other Manufacturers' Solar Lights:

  • Free-Light high efficiency solar panels charge up to 4 times faster than others.
  • Free-Light solar panels are rated for 20 years of use compared to others that fade or yellow in a short time.
  • Free-Light uses microprocessor controlled electronics to prolong lighting time while others use crude or elementary electronics.
  • Free-Light uses daylight natural color LEDs to enhance your yards beauty compared to the typical blue white lights that detract.
  • Free-Light uses a constant brightness design on most models. Compare to others which start out bright but quickly fade.
  • Free-Light uses weatherproofed electronics for long life while most competitive lights have a short life time.
  • Free-Light uses 6-36 LEDs to provide plentiful natural soft light. Competitors use 1-5 LEDs resulting in disappointing light output.

Customer Comments We Frequently Hear at Trade Shows:

Solar lighting doesn't work long. A typical buyer's remorse for poorly designed product sold only on price. Free-Light products install in minutes, light for hours and last for years. We have no such problems.

The batteries cost more than the light. While competitors might use expensive, hard to find batteries, Free-Light products use off the shelf batteries available from any battery store or you can conveniently buy them on our website at a fraction of the cost of retail. The most expensive light we sell uses a battery available from us for only 17.00!

The lights work okay for the first few months, then half of them stop working. Free-Light products are designed for year round use while most others are meant solely for summer operation. If the light needs 10 hours of direct sunshine to fully charge, it will not work properly when there is only 5 hours of sun.

They start out bright but fade to little blue dots. Free-Light products are designed to provide a constant brightness and never fade. The light is as strong just before it turns off as the moment it turned on.

You need so many to give you any kind of light it takes away from the beauty of the garden or the house. Free-Light products put out enough soft natural light that often you only need one or two per yard, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your garden and not be focused on the lights.

How can I compare light output specifications for solar lights? This is a valid question that requires a long boring answer. To be brief, many products now specify 3 or 5 times brighter than standard solar lights. By that comparison, Free-light products are up to 200 times brighter than a standard solar light.

My solar lights can only light up a couple of feet at best. Some Free-Light products can light up to 60' and be visible from as far as 400 yards.

We don't like solar lights because they cause light pollution. We have several models that offer 100% of the light directed to the ground while most models turn off after several hours to leave the stars shining brightly in the skies.

Solar lights don't work in shade. No argument here, solar panel efficiency in shade is too low for effective operation. But, we are working on a solution to allow you to bring solar light wherever you'd like!

After a few months, solar lights need many hours of sunlight. This is true of the average solar light but Free-Light doesn't design average lights. Free-light products provide proper operation with as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. Any more sunlight is stored in the battery for the next nights use.