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Versatile free-light Solar Lights!

Posted by Wendy on 4/17/2018

Bright Ideas in Solar Lighting! 

Do you feel left in the dark when it comes to solar lighting? We can help! At free-light we make going solar fast and easy. And you'll save money on your hydro bills too! No digging, no trenching, no annoying wires in the way. Just bright reliable free-light from the sun. Not sure what you need where? Browse our extensive solar light catalogue and look at the photos of free-light solar lights in use. You'll see different venues that will inspire and excite you to add solar lights to your home, garden, deck, dock, business, weekend getaway and yes, even your shed! We ship everywhere in Canada, the United States, and even abroad! Read the reviews and join the solar light revolution, or should we say, "evolution" today!

Dress Up Your Deck (and see where you're going)

Posted by Wendy on 4/10/2018
Once the outdoor temperature stabilizes, deck days will be here! Make the most of outdoor living season with these fabulous free-light solar lights:

For Stairs and Decks 
Gooseneck Style Solar Light

Wall Mounted Solar Lights like VISTA and HORIZON and our NEW! Henley Gooseneck, offer easy installation with reliable light. Navigator WHITE makes lighting up stairs and hot tub platforms easy and effective. Add a little pizzazz with our NEW! Solar Rope Light. See the complete collection of solar lights for stairs and decks

Welcome Guests with Sophisticated White Post, Pillar and Column Mounted Solar Lights

Posted by Wendy on 4/4/2018

Step Into the (free) Light!

Light up your front, back or side entrance with premium quality free-light solar lights made especially for columns, pillars, and posts. The durable GALAXY crisp white finish pops in contrast with other hard and soft landscape materials, like pillars and posts, plants and other landscaping design elements. Automatically turns on at night and stays on for up to 10 hours. There's even a switch for vacation mode. How clever is that? 

Put a (Solar Light) Lid On It!

Posted by Wendy on 3/28/2018

Got An Ugly Fence Post? 

Compare Solar Lights Your friends at free-light have developed creative solutions for ugly fence posts and deck rails of all sizes! Top 3 features include: 3 year full warranty including the battery; weather resistant Black ABS body; super clear PC acrylic dome protecting the solar panel. So easy to install. This is solar the way it should be, reliable, dependable and bright! Check out the photo comparison pictured at left! 

Looking for Premium Quality Solar Lights?

Posted by Wendy on 3/21/2018

We've Got Fabulous Solar Lights in Stock! 

free-light Solar Lights - no wires - easy installationYour free-light friends ship everywhere solar lights are needed in the U.S. and Canada - and even overseas. Hop on over to our shipping page for details. What kind of solar lights do we sell? All kinds. 

Check out our NEW! 2018 catalogue for this year's outdoor lighting projects in and around your home, office, cottage or weekend getaway. From brilliant fence post caps to courtyard and driveway, to column, pillar and post lights, we've got an exceptional collection of solar lights that are well-made and will stand up to whatever mother nature throws at us year after year. Read the free-lights reviews. See the complete solar lighting catalogue, including NEW! solar light models for 2018. Light up your night with free-light! 

Home and Cottage Shows are a Great Place to see free-light Solar Lights!

Posted by Wendy on 3/14/2018

Home and Cottage Shows are a Sure Sign of Spring!

Come on out and see free-light at these upcoming home, garden and cottage shows in March. We've got lots of new, premium quality solar lights to show you! 

National Home Show - Friday, March 9 - Sunday, March 18
Enercare Centre, 100 Princes' Blvd., Toronto, Ontario  M6K 3C3

NEW! Solar Lights for Spring!

Posted by Wendy on 3/7/2018

Customer Feedback Inspires 5 New Products

free-light customers are the greatest! Thanks to you, we've developed 5 new - valued priced, quality made solar lights for use in and around your home, garden, landscape, cottage, business and more. From accent to security we make solar lights the way they should be made. Easy to install. Function with flair and flexibility. That's free-light! Come see free-light at the home, garden and cottage shows listed below in March. 

Best Solar Lights for Walls, Landscapes, and Driveways Guaranteed!

Posted by Wendy on 2/28/2018

Spring Is On The Way! 

Only a few more weeks to go and it will officially be Spring (Tuesday, March 20 - to be exact). We'll be casting off our winter coats, hats and mittens in exchange for rubber boots, work gloves and head gear to protect us from the sun. The sun isn't always the enemy. While it's not great for our skin - it does wonders for our hydro bills - especially when you've installed free-light solar lights around your cottage or castle. Bright, beautiful and FREE, we love the sun. Let's get it working for you!  

Include Solar Lights In This Year's Home & Cottage Improvements

Posted by Wendy on 2/21/2018

What Season Is It? 

While the outdoor thermometer continues bobbing up and down, many of us are inside planning this year's home and garden and backyard and cottage improvements. There's always something to work on! Isn't it nice to sit by a roaring fire (or baseboard heater) and think about the improvements you'll make this year. Here are today's perfect solar picks just in time to be included in your improvement plans. So much to do, so little time. 

Premium Quality & Design All Season Solar Lights

Posted by Wendy on 2/14/2018

Thinking About This Year's Home or Cottage Improvements? 

Don't forget about flexible solar lights for function and flair! A good solar light is one that's well made, constructed of high quality components, offers tremendous value, is adaptable to many areas, is easy to install and delivers on its promise of consistently bright light - without increasing your hydro bill. Now you've got it! We're talking about free-light Solar Lighting products, of course!