Quality Solar Lighting Solutions!
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free-light offers you every type of solar light from accent solar lighting to security solar lighting.

Premium quality outdoor and indoor solar lighting!

Solar lights by free-light are designed for year round use (except the table lights). Rugged cast aluminum bodies do not rust or bend. Our lights are rated to work as low as -25C (-13F) and as high as +44C (111F). Solar lights by free-light function for their full 5 or 6 hour cycle as long as there is 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. We offer various solar lighting models for courtyard, patio, driveway, parking, garden deck, fence post, security, deck and railing markers.

  • Column Pillar and Post Solar Lights Column Pillar and Post Solar Lights
    Premium quality Free-Light solar column lights and pillar solar lights. Plentiful soft white solar light for brick columns or pillars. Light up your nights with column solar lights.
  • Stair and Deck Solar Lights Stair and Deck Solar Lights
    free-light stair and deck solar lights and railing solar markers help you find your way by lighting up the area around you. Avoid night time falls. free-light solar stair, step or railing markers are easy to install. Forget about stubbed toes forever!
  • Courtyard Solar Lights Courtyard Solar Lights
    Garden, Courtyard and Patio Solar Lights by free-light are the perfect addition or finishing touch for every home, garden, cottage, or business.
  • Driveway Parking Solar Lights Driveway Parking Solar Lights
    Driveway Parking Solar Lights by free-light illuminate for better safety and security. free-light solar lighting products are reliable, dependable and come in a range of styles.
  • Garden Deck Solar Lights Garden Deck Solar Lights
    free-light garden deck solar lights are an efficient way to light up pathways, walkways, decks, porches, docks, flowerbeds, trees, stairs and steps.
  • Fence Post Solar Lights Fence Post Solar Lights
    free-light flat rail solar lights and fence post solar lights were designed with a domed cover to let leaves and snow slide off, so the light continues to charge season after season. Eco-friendly alternative to other lights.
  • Security Motion Solar Lights Security Motion Solar Lights
    Get your free-light Security Solar Lights today and sleep better tonight. Improve the safety and security with motion solar lights around your home, office, or cottage stairs, entrances, car parks, porches.
  • Landscaping and Sign Solar Lights Landscaping and Sign Solar Lights
    free-light offers exceptional solar spotlights, remote solar panels, and remote wall mount solar light fixtures for landscapes, buildings, gardens, entrances, driveways and signs.
  • Specials or Limited Stock Specials or Limited Stock
    Scoop up the savings with free-light solar lighting Specials or Limited Stock solar light offerings! But hurry, at reduced prices, inventory won't last long, but your free-light solar lights will!
  • Free Light Parts Free Light Parts
    Parts are available for free-light products. From batteries to extension cables, we've got you covered! Not seeing something here that you need? Contact us anytime for assistance.