Exceptional quality solar lights Canadian designed for North American climates by free-light.

    Take a peek at what awaits you

    COACH PLUS 6x6
    CAD79.00 CAD53.00 Sale
    Huge 1.7W solar panel, 12 LEDs, 12 hour lighting time
    GALAXY PLUS Solar Pillar & Column Light - over 30' of illumination
    CAD349.00 CAD299.00 Sale
    Reliable year round all aluminum solar light Free Shipping
    Henley Gooseneck Solar Wall Light With Remote Solar Panel for Year Round Operation.
    CAD89.00 CAD69.00 Sale
    Our best selling wall light
    MUSKOKA Solar Wall Light. Full sized wall light with long lasting light output.
    CAD229.00 CAD189.00 Sale
    All aluminum construction! Free Shipping
    NEVIS Solar Table Light - NEVIS Blue. Night Time Blue Sparkle Around Your Patio.
    CAD39.00 CAD32.00 Sale
    Stunning blue NEVIS table light.
    NOVA Solar Fence & Wall Light, 10 Hours Lighting Time Each Night
    CAD33.95 CAD21.00 Sale
    Reliable year round light that can mount on standard 4x4 wood post
    Pathway Garden Solar Light - DISC2  (2pcs/pack). Reliable Natural White Solar Lights
    CAD109.00 CAD72.00 Sale
    New model coming, stock up now.
    RA80-Fully Adjustable Solar Driveway Parking Area Light
    CAD849.00 CAD799.00 Sale
    Variable solar panel position for direction and angle gives superb charging during the day. Free Shipping