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12V LiFePO4 battery for Eclipse, Beacon, Colonial, Coach CY

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Your Price: CAD38.00
Long life Lithium Iron battery, typically 4 years +
Part Number: 12V 6Ah LiFePO4 battery
Availability: In Stock
New battery chemistry with long life and shorter charging time. This 12V battery is for Eclipse, Eclipse CY, Beacon, Colonial 1&3, Coach CY. Typically, lead acid batteries have approximately 350 complete charge cycles of life. This battery is rated at over 1500 complete charge cycles before the battery capacity begins to fail. Better yet, should the solar panel be covered in snow for long periods of time, this battery can wait for up to 4 months to see sunshine again, while the lead acid battery begins to fail in as little as 4 weeks. Same size and connection as your original battery. Just longer life.

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