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PCL3 Solar 3x3 Post Cap Light(2pcs) for Aluminum and PVC Posts
PCL3 3x3 Solar Post Cap Light PVC and Aluminum Posts

PCL3 Solar 3x3 Post Cap Light(2pcs) for Aluminum and PVC Posts

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On sale CAD84.00 CAD70.00
Solar Light for Use on Aluminum or PVC 3.0" x 3.0"
Part Number: PCL3
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PCL3 3"x3" Solar Post Cap Light. 

free-light as on holmes and holmes

Introducing our premium quality 3" solar post cap light built to last... and we guarantee it will last. For aluminum and PVC posts measuring 3in square.

  • Premium quality solar panel up to 12x more powerful than competitors
  • High brightness LED.
  • New circuitry with new power saving features.
  • New battery chemistry for faster charging, longer charge storage, longer life.

Price is for 2 solar lights per package. Once charged, the solar light has more than three nights of storage charge in the event of bad weather. Soft white solar light that is easy to see for 12 hours each night. Solar panels encapsulated in glass for long efficient life... no shortened life solar panels here. New LiFe battery powers the solar light for up to 5 years. Solar that works. Free-Light products install in minutes, brighten for hours and last for years. Actual mounting post size is 3.0"x3.0", designed specifically for PVC and aluminum posts which are 3"x 3". PCL3 Post Cap Solar Light has a 2 year warranty INCLUDING the battery!


PCL3 Post Cap Solar Light Features:

  • Price is for 2 lights per package
  • Weather resistant BLACK ABS body
  • Super clear PC acrylic cover protecting the solar panel from water and ice.
  • Installs in minutes. Turns on automatically at night, off 12 hours later.
  • Superbright white LED's
  • NEW LiFePo4 battery lasts up to 5 years
  • Our self designed electronics with microprocessor
  • New upgraded solar panel
  • Battery protection for longer battery life

Carton size:

The only assembly required is to connect the battery cable located in the base of the light, then secure to your fence post with the supplied screws.

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