What's Your Style of PathWay Garden Solar Lights? 

Welcome to free-light! We design and sell the best solar lights for residential (and commercial) needs. Engineered right here in Canada, our solar lights will outperform and outlast all the others. We invite you to cruise our online solar light catalogue, take advantage of our superbly styled solar lighting fixtures, read the reviews and order today! Today we're talking about Pathway Garden Solar Lights. 

DISC2i Pathway Garden Solar Light. An upgraded version of the wildly popular DISC2 model. We made the DISC2i Pathway Garden Solar Light even better. All the light is directed down to light your way. We listened to your suggestions. Thank you! We improved lighting time. We shortened charging time. We increased light output. We improved light distribution pattern. We improved battery life. We changed to aluminum support posts and improved spike durability. Our DISC2i Pathway Garden Solar Lights turn on automatically at night, stay on for 6 hours, then turn off. Two lights per package. Two year warranty. The DISC2i can work for up to 4 nights with no sunshine. Reliable light that welcomes you and your family back to home each night. We make solar work for you.

ORB2 Pathway & Garden Solar Light. Our improved natural white ORB2 Pathway and Garden Solar Lights make a wonderful addition to every garden, walkway or pathway. All the light is directed down to light your way. 6 hours of bright light each night. Fast charging, reliable and consistent light every night. Feedback from our fabulous customers helped us improve the already phenomenal ORB Pathway and Garden Solar Light. We made the same improvements to the ORB2 Pathway & Garden Solar Light, as we did for DISC2i. Two year warranty. Two lights per package. This is solar lighting the way it should be. Fast, reliable, durable and gorgeous! Order your ORB2 Pathway & Garden Solar Lights today!

Quality-Made and Superbly Engineered Solar Lights for Gardens and Pathways

GEMINi Solar Bollard Pathway Light. We're hearing great reviews from free-light fans that purchased our GEMINi elegantly shaped solar light. Super easy installation. GEMINi delivers a 24' circumference of solar light. The generous  solar panel and powerful battery provides up to 20 hours of lighting time on a single charge. Turns on automatically when it gets dark. GEMINi Solar Bollard Pathway Light is a great option for places where you can't get - or don't want power. Includes a 10 year warranty on the solar panel. Learn more about GEMINi Bollard-style Pathway Solar Light right now. 

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