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APOLLo Solar Flood & Sign Light. Bright light with remote control operation

APOLLo Solar Flood & Sign Light. Bright light with remote control operation

On sale CAD69.00
Part Number:APOLLo
  • Best APOLLo features:Remote control operation with 5 different lighting times
  • Variable brightness settings
  • Easy to install with automatic on at night
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  • CAD67.62

APOLLo Solar Flood & Sign Light with Remote Control Operation

System includes 10W solar panel with 15' cable, APOLLo light head, remote control with adjustable timer and brightness

The system turns on automatically at dark and stays on up to 10 hours at night. Lighting time can be controlled with 5 different time increments. The APOLLo is a well balanced system where the solar panel, battery capacity and light output are perfectly matched to give reliable performance.

Great for entrances, landscape lighting, wall washing, small sign lighting and pathway lighting. Installation is easy, quick and operation is quite simple. Turn the light on, select the brightness level you need and the length of time you need light. After pressing 3 buttons, you are done. The APOLLo will turn on automatically at night and remember the settings you programmed.

APOLLo Solar Flood & Sign Light System Features:

  • Solar Panel: 10W crystalline type
  • Battery :3.2V 8Ah Lithium IRON battery
  • Controller: auto on at night, adjust with 5 different timer settings
  • Light: 4 brightness settings, up to 600Lumens
  • Cable: 15' cable from solar panel to the APOLLo light head
  • Lighting Operation: Remote control including OFF button
  • Warranty: 1 year complete product against manufacturing defect, 3 years on solar panel

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