How is Solar Light Generated

Sunlight is what generates and re-charges solar lights. People are catching on to how liberating solar power can be. Just think, no tedious installation, no fiddling with timers, and best of all no hydro bills! Today we're featuring three dramatically different solar lights free-light fans love! (that was a mouthful, wasn't it?) 

free-light is a proudly Canadian, family owned business offering spectacular solar lights designed in Canada and backed by superb warranties and customer service! 

Save the Date! 

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High Quality Solar Lights for Outdoors (and Indoors)

Helios - Motion Sensor Wall Mount Solar Light - 3 different lighting modes with a large light footprint. Do you love the design? Not only does it look great, the motion sensor works up to 15' (depending on outdoor temperatures). Check out all the Wall Mounted Solar Lights from free-light. 

GALAXY Plus Solar Light for Pillars & Columns - Offers a 30' pool of beautiful light that turns on automatically at night then off again 10 hours later. Superb 10 year warranty on the solar panels. Oh - and right now it's on sale with FREE Shipping. Browse all the Column Pillar and Post Solar Lights here. 

Gazebo & Shed Porch Solar Light - Works both Indoors and Out - This simply sensational solar light can be used for countless applications like in and around gazebos, sheds, porches, boathouses, garages, bunkies and cabins. Mount the solar panel in the sun up to 10 feet away and with optional extension cable, can be up to 20 feet away. See more Indoor Solar Lights

Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming! Please stay safe and healthy... and hop on over to the free light catalogue today.