It's Time To Change Your Mind About Solar! 

Add some pizzazz to your property and get the neighbours talking about your new free-light solar lights for gardens, decks, and hey - even fence posts! free-light does it right with solar technology that's built to last. Our high efficiency solar panels charge up to 4 times faster than others - and they're rated for 20 years of use compared to others that fade or yellow in no time. 

Say goodbye to wimpy solar lights and hello to wonderful free-light solar lighting products that use 6-36 LEDS to provide plentiful, natural soft light. Don't be fooled by cheap alternatives. They're using 1-5 LEDs resulting in light output that's disappointing and downright embarrassing. Embrace the power of the sun with solar lights from free-light and lower your electricity bills. 

Twinkle, twinkle little star... free-light shows you where you are!