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Dependable Solar Driveway Lights

Posted by Wendy on 9/11/2019

Bright and Beautiful Premium Quality Solar Lights from free-light

Here's how to light up your driveways, courtyards, and entrances without electricity! Dependable free-light solar lighting technology will shine down to illuminate as much area as you'd like. Say goodbye to soaring hydro bills! We've got several superb solar solutions waiting for you! 

Dependable Solar Lights for Driveways

Meet the RA Family! Sophisticated styling of All-in-One Solar Driveway Lights designed to brighten up any exterior and fulfill every solar lighting need. How much light would you like?

Don't miss it! Every one of our Parking, Driveway, Courtyard Solar Lights is on sale now!
  • RA10 Ultra compact solar light fixture with a light pattern of 25' by 12' when mounted at 9.5' above the ground. Super bright motion activated solar light! As seen on Holmes + Holmes. Get the details here... 
  • RA20 Superb design  generates a 40' pool of light, thanks to the sun, when mounted at 10' above the ground. There are two lighting options on this model: motion activated or continuous on. Explore RA20...
  • RA60 Flexible lighting modes will light up a 60' rectangle of light when mounted at 11'. Remote control operation for all night light. Discover RA60...
  • RA80 Fully adjustable solar panel, remote control operation, with a 60' rectangle of light when mounted at 11'. No electrician required! We're offering FREE shipping with this model! Learn more about RA80...
Every free-light All in One Solar Driveway Lights comes with our promise of performance and satisfaction, energy savings, and dependable use for years to come. 

Shop free-light's solar solutions for Driveways, Parking Areas and Entrances today.

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