Wireless Solar Lighting Products From free-light Make the Grade!

driveway and courtyard solar light by free-lightGoing back to school doesn't have to mean back to indoors. There is lots of summer left and while it might be getting a little cool for water sports, this is a great time to wander around the exterior of your home, cottage, or weekend getaway palace and check for dark spots that could use more light. Especially the free kind of light, the one you don't have to pay the electric company for! Cast a discerning eye on your hardscaping (courtyards, driveways, patios, walkways) and security lighting. Need to turn dark into light? We can help!

free-light solar lighting products are durable, reliable, and oh so easy to install. You can go from box to docks, rocks, or walks in under 5 minutes. It will take you longer to decide where to place your free-light solar lights than to install them. Really. Best of all? No wires... just add sun! Study the complete catalogue of free-light products today. There may be a pop quiz tomorrow!