Create the Perfect Ambiance with free-light Solar Table Lights. 

Solar Table Lights sparkle day and nightGorgeous by day, spectacular by night, free-light solar table lights are individually hand-crafted by glass artisans. Their unique lustre glass coating enhances daytime reflectivity. All of our unique styles have a beautiful soft light print that will impress all. See all the stunning solar table lights and create your work of art today. 

Remember what makes free-light solar lights so special... 

All free-light solar lighting products utilize solar power and LED lighting; they are self contained and offer significant benefits over typical outdoor lighting:
  • quick and easy installation
  • no trenching, cabling or wiring
  • minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change
  • all free-light products are made of high quality materials built to last
  • not affected by power outages 
  • proudly "green" and devoid of recurring carbon emissions
Stunning Outdoor Solar Table Lights Solar the way it should be. No wires... ...just add SUN. Installs in seconds, brightens for hours, lasts for years. Shop Table Solar Lights now.