Your free-light blogger noticed snow flurries this morning in Burlington, Ontario. Looks like the party's over and summer's officially gone, for this week anyway. Darkness, our nemesis, is setting in earlier, and many of us are wondering how we can brighten up the exterior of our homes for safety and security, as well as curb appeal and ambience. It's easy with free-light's collection of outdoor solar lights built for four seasons!  

Reliable Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Lights for Columns, Pillars, Posts and Walls

With so many styles to choose from, you can add dependable and energy efficient free-light solar lights all around your property. Choose from our great selection of four season solar lighting for pillars, walls, columns, and posts. Super easy to install free-light solar lights are designed to light up your night and illuminate brick columns, vertical walls, pillars and posts. There's a SALE going on right now and some models have the added bonus of FREE Shipping. Hurry

Solar Lights for Driveways and Entrances

Improve safety and security around your home with superior and reliable technology from free-light. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family will arrive home to a well-lit cocoon. There are so many options to choose from. Browse all the solar light styles and models for driveways and entrances we have in-store for you!  

Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Brilliant motion sensor solar light solutions that turn on when needed! Choose from wall mounted HYPERION, HELIOS, TUCANO and The Guardian Solar Security Light. free-light solar lights with motion sensors are easy to install and offer tremendous value in a compact solar light functionality for year round use around your home, garage, backyard, cottage, boathouse, stairs or business. Browse the Motion Sensor Solar Light catalogue options now and order yours today!  

Explore the free-light Solar Light catalogue today. No wires... just add sun! We promise innovative solar lighting solutions using free solar energy so you can enjoy night time light without hydro, digging or trenching, or cumbersome installation. Become a free-light fan today!