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COACH4 Solar 3.5 + 4
Semi conductor shortage, has delayed production. We are redesigning the electronics to avoid future problems.This model delayed until early Mar 2022
Solar Spotlight - SPOTLIGHT. All Night Light Where You Need It.
Not available until March 2022
GALAXY Black Wall Mount Solar Light. Easy Install Solar Lights.
Out of stock until spring 22
GALAXY Black Post Mount Solar Light. Great Solar Light for Entrance Pillars and Brick Columns and Electrical Posts
This model is out of stock and will not return until mid March 2022.
GALAXY Column Mount Solar Light - Black. Perfect  for Entrance Pillars and capped Brick Columns
Semi conductor shortage/cancellation, has delayed new model introduction until next spring. Updated electronics coming.
GEMINi Solar Bollard Pathway Light. Aluminum Construction, Built To Last
Due to extreme shipping costs, this model will not be available until shipping costs back down from these insane levels, hopefully by Mar 2022
Solar Courtyard Light - GALAXY BLACK. 2 Head Solar Light for Courtyard and Driveway.
Out of stock until late spring 2022