There's always (at least) one person on your gift giving list who's hard to buy for, right? This year, give the gift of solar powered lights from the friendly folks at free-light! Enjoy these bright ideas - and remember, "no wires... just add sun". 

HO-HO-HOLIDAY NEWS FLASH! Shipping companies are being overwhelmed this holiday season! Help us help you get your fabulous free-light solar lights by December 24...    

Last Days for Shipping: 

Western Canada & U.S.:  Tuesday, December 8 - Eastern Canada & U.S.:  Friday, December 11             

 Let the shopping and shipping begin!

For the New Home Owner

Gosh, where do we start? We have a wonderful selection of solar lights for every area of every home! From solar lights for driveways and entrances to solar light caps for fence posts and pathway lights for decks, pools, and gardens. Start building their collection of super-easy to install solar lights today with free-light! Browse the free-light catalogue of fine solar lights now. 

For the Entertainer

Solar Table Lights by free-light are exquisite by day and stunningly gorgeous by night. Hand-crafted by glass artisans, your gift recipient will love you forever! Choose from 3 different designs, CAPRI White, NEVIS Blue, or IBIZA Green - or order a Combo Pack! (While you're at it, you may want to buy a few for yourself.) Take it from your free-light blogger, they are beautiful! Take a peek at all our Solar Lights for Tables

For the Safety and Security Conscious

We all want our family and friends to be safe at night. That's why we designed several Motion Sensor Solar Lights that can be easily mounted to walls or other vertical surfaces (like fences, sheds, boathouses, and more...). Our Solar Security Lights with motion detection will work even during power outages - because of course, they don't run on electricity, they are powered by the sun! Boldly go where no ... well, you know the rest. Check out all the Security Motion Solar Lights now! 

For the Gardener

It's so hard to appreciate one's garden in the dark! We've got some seriously simple solutions for highlighting, backlighting, uplighting, or creating magical focal points in and around gardens, potted plants, pools, walkways and more. These are Canadian designed solar lights built to beautify your property for years to come. Meet and greet all the reliable solar lights for gardens that won't leave you in the dark.  

Time is running out! Last day for shipping is December 14. Wrap up your holiday shopping today with free-light solar lights... your proudly Canadian family-owned business.