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Solar Lights for Night Time Light Last week's blog featured 5 characteristics to consider when you're buying outdoor solar lights. This week, we're continuing by focusing on how to compare the longevity, design, support and overall value of solar lights for safety, security, ambience, and curb appeal! Want to see free-light in person? Visit our booth at The GTA Home & Reno Show at the International Centre in Mississauga from February 15-18 and the Calgary Home and Garden Show at the BMO Centre & Corral Stampede Park from February 28 to March 3. Preview other Home Show dates and locations.  

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  1. How many years are the solar lights rated to last? free-light solar panels are rated for 20 years of consistent solar light that won't let you down. We offer a warranty on free-light solar lights including the battery. Others do not. Take a tour of our Garden Solar Lights and Gardens, Decks & Pathway Solar Lights
  2. Are the solar light electronics weatherproof? free-light uses weatherproofed electronics for long life while most competitive lights have a short life span. In fact, we've cleverly designed our Fence Post Solar Lights with domed covers so leaves and snow slide off to continue efficiently charging the light year after year. You'll also feel safe when you arrive home, thanks to the reliable motion sensor technology in our Security Motion Solar Lights
  3. Solar light designs. Consider the placement of your new solar lights. Does the design of the solar light complement or conflict with the other features or architecture of your property or landscape? How about height requirements? free-light solar lights come in a spectacular range of designs to choose from. Wander over to see all of our Wall Mount Solar Light designs and our Landscaping and Sign Solar Lights.
  4. Customer service. Is there contact information (phone number or website) you can use to connect with the manufacturer to ask questions? At free-light we love hearing from our solar light customers. Your questions will be answered by a knowledgeable free-light solar lighting expert
  5. Value for the money. Let us be the first to say it. Our solar lights aren't the least expensive solar lights on the market. But, free-light solar lights are the best - and we proudly stand behind every one of our solar lighting solutions. We offer the best in durability, design and longevity. That adds up to exceptional solar light value overall. 
We encourage you to comparison shop. You too will become a free-light believer! Order your free-light solar lights today. Compare and rejoice! Your solar lighting solution with impeccable support is one click away.