Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? 

We can help! Here are some simple, fast and easy ideas to improve the look of your home’s exterior. Look no further than high quality solar lights from free-light. Walk your property from front to back at dusk. Cast a critical eye on areas where better light would benefit your surroundings. Then let the free-light fun begin! 

Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal - With the Added Benefits of Safety and Security

  • Are your house numbers illuminated? 
  • Do you have shadows where there shouldn't be? 
  • Is your driveway dark? 
  • What about pathways leading up to your front, back or side entrance? 
  • Is there sufficient light in vulnerable areas? 

Would your gardens or landscape benefit from highlighting a special area (like a hot tub or gazebo), up-lighting a tree, spot lighting a beautiful water feature - or accenting your new fence with fence and gate post solar lights - all without the use of hydro - and everything that goes along with it, like digging and trenching. 

Browse our catalogue of high quality solar lights tested and perfected over the years. Here are a few free-light solar light ideas to get your started: 

Best Outdoor Solar Lights 

Think about where you'd like to add more light, then start exploring all the classic and contemporary styles of solar lights we have in store for you! Remember, installation is fast and easy. Typically 5 minutes from box to knocking off your socks, thanks to your new solar lighting fixture from free-light. 

Get your free-light solar lighting glow on today!