Your Solar Lighting Check List

Here are some questions to ask and information to look for when you're shopping for solar lighting products. Having a great solar lighting plan is one thing... getting the right products for the job is quite another. Before your shopping trip or home show visit, notice your neighbourhood during the day and at night. It won't take long to discover that the greatest plans with the weakest lights don't do properties justice. 

1. Brightness. How bright are the solar lights? As a point of comparison, free-light solar lighting products use 6-36 LEDs to provide plentiful natural soft light. Competitors use 1-5 LEDs resulting in disappointing light output.

2. What type of light is emitted? free-light uses natural color LEDs to enhance your yard's beauty compared to the typical blue white lights that detract from your yard's appearance. And how about those dingy yellow lights?

3. Speed to Charge. How long do they take to charge? free-light products provide proper operation with as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. Any more sunlight is stored in the battery for the next night's use. free-light solar lighting products charge 4 times faster than conventional solar lighting products.

4.  How many years are they rated to last? free-light solar panels are rated for 20 years of use compared to others that fade or yellow in a short time.

5. Are the electronics weatherproof? free-light uses weatherproofed electronics for long life while most competitive lights have a short life time.

6. Design. Is the design of the light in keeping with the architectural features of your property or landscape? free-light solar lighting products come in several styles, heights and designs from  classic to contemporary.

7.  Support. Is there a phone number you can call to ask questions? At free-light we love hearing from customers and welcome your questions. They will be answered by a live, solar light knowledgeable customer service professional.

8. Cost. What's the price? We have never professed to be the least expensive in solar lighting products, but we are certainly the best. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for!