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for Dad - June 2014



Brighten his day on Sunday, June 15     

Father's Day is just around the corner. Make his day and brighten his night with these brilliant wireless ideas where all you need to add is SUN! Installation takes but a moment; enjoyment lasts for years, with proper care. Best of all? Buy in bulk and receive special quantity discounts on ORB and DISC Solar Lights. Remember the men in your life with free-light.      


Betty and David      

ORB Solar Garden & Pathway Lights

Had it with weak lights that don't last a season? ORB owners give it 5 out 5 for bright light and great style! Superb for complementing landscapes and pathways!


The light sensor automatically turns on at night and off 6 hours later! See more pictures of ORB in action. Read the reviews. Order today! (2 lights per package)




DISC Solar Pathway Lights

Make solar work for you with free-light CONSTANT bright, natural white pathway lights. Light is directed down to light your way. The brightness never varies: the light is either on or off.


The same battery protection circuit as our full size products allows unprecedented battery life. Ready to see more pictures of DISC? Read the reviews. Order today! (2 lights per package)



NAVIGATOR - Solar Marker Lights

NAVIGATORS are easy to install! Just drill a 1.375" hole and install the light. The virtual flush fit guarantees no more stubbed toes or sore arches! 6-10 hours of light depending on sunshine during the day.


Available in WHITE, BLUE, RED, and GREEN. The perfect pathway, dock, stair, step, railing, gazebo, arbor, deck or patio light. Free-light products install in minutes, brighten for hours and last for years. See more pictures and learn more about NAVIGATOR. (4 lights per package)




These products are in stock and available for Father's Day! Order your free-lights today!



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Do you have a challenge you'd like to solve with solar lighting? Talk to our solar expert and "go to solar guy", David regarding free-light residential and commercial solar solutions designed to light up your space with free light! Send David a question. 




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Betty and David Aggerholm