The busy beavers at free-light

Boy, we've been busy - and now we're ready to show you the fruits of our labour. Introducing more new products from the friendly folks at free-light - just in time for Mother's Day AND gardening season. (Does it get any better than that?)

Uplight with SPOTLIGHT from free-lightSPOTLIGHT Solar Light

You'll appreciate this self-contained, all night light with power switch. Over-sized solar panel for quick battery charging assures light each night. Great for lighting up trees, name signs, address numbers. Shipped with 6" extension tube to keep the light above weeds and grass. Join the waiting list

SATURN Bollard Solar Light by free-light SATURN 1M Tall Solar Bollard
Picture 39.37" (or 1 meter) of beautiful height night light. The SATURN rings light up the night with 20' of light. Easy to install, 1M tall, the Saturn has as many applications as you can think of.....driveway, sidewalk, entrance, patio, deck, stairs. Made of stainless steel for long life. Learn more.

Globe Column Solar Light by free-lightThe Globe Solar Light 
The GLOBE solar light will put out up to 12' of soft white light from a compact light body. Great light for entrance and pathway illumination. Easy to install. Automatically turns on at night. Make the world a brighter place today.

Solar Table Lights
Artisan Glass Solar Table Lights by free-light

Gorgeous by day, spectacular by night, free-light solar table lights are individually hand-crafted by glass artisans. Their unique lustre glass coating enhances daytime reflectivity. All of our unique styles have a beautiful soft light print that will impress all. See all the stunning solar table lights and create your work of art today.
beautiful free-light solar table lights
Remember what makes free-light solar lights so special...
All free-light solar lighting products utilize solar power and LED lighting; they are self contained and offer significant benefits over typical outdoor lighting:
  • quick and easy installation
  • no trenching, cabling or wiring
  • minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change
  • all free-light products are made of high quality materials built to last
  • not affected by power outages 
  • proudly "green" and devoid of recurring carbon emissions
Solar the way it should be. No wires... ...just add SUN. Installs in seconds, brightens for hours, lasts for years.