Break Free From Out of Control Hydro Bills!

free-light Wall Mounted Solar LightKick back and relax with our NEW! MUSKOKA Solar Wall Light featuring 100% aluminum construction, variable light settings, and easy installation. MUSKOKA is the perfect solar light choice for homes, cottages, boathouses, gazebos, bunkies... anywhere you'd love to have superior wall light at night. free-light's easy-going MUSKOKA Solar Wall Light turns on automatically at night and stays on for up to 18 hours. The 20 watt solar panel charges the built-in battery in as little as six hours.

Installing free-light Solar Lights is Easy! 

Once your MUSKOKA Solar Wall Light and solar panel have been installed, simply connect the cable. Then mount the supplied LED bulb and install the decorative outer lens cover. It's that easy. The only thing left to do is choose the light setting you'd like. The Summer setting generates about 300 lumens of light and lasts for about 12 hours; Winter operation generates about 150 lumens lasts for about 18 hours. The choice is yours! 

Take a break from complicated installation instructions, digging, trenching, and mind boggling user manuals. We specialize in high quality solar lights that are easy to install and use, and work reliably for years to come. We've got the best technology under the sun! Experience free-light today