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NOVA Solar Fence & Wall Light
Easy installation, lots of light year round

NOVA Solar Fence & Wall Light

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Part Number:NOVA
  • Best features:Very bright all night, all year solar light in a small package
  • - Mounts with only 2 screws(included). Installation time about 2minutes
  • - 3 year warranty including the battery!
  • - Great light for fences, decks, stairs, garage walls, cottages, boathouses.......

NOVA Solar Fence Light

New from free-light, Nova Solar Fence & Wall Light. All the light on your side of the fence! No motion sensor, the light stays on high brightness for 10 hours per night. Oversized solar panel quickly charges the battery every day. The battery life is rated at 4+ years.

  • 5 superbright LEDs light up to 12ft wide pool of light when mounted at 4' height.
  • Easy installation with just 2 screws. Mounts perfectly on a standard 4x4 post. Installation time: about 2 minutes.
  • Great light for fences, patios, stairs, walkways, entrances and dog runs

NOVA Fence & Wall Solar Light Specifications

  • Solar Panel: crystalline type, 1.1W for fast charging during the day.
  • LED: 5 pieces SMD type, wide beam angle for large light print on the ground
  • Case: high quality ABS
  • Battery: LiFe 3.2V 1Ah, faster charging, longer lasting.
  • Operating Season: YEAR ROUND
  • 3 year warranty including the battery!

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