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Solar Post Cap Light for 4x6 Fence Posts
Solar Post Cap Light for 4x6 Fence Posts

PCL4x6a Solar Post Cap Light (2pcs). Reliable Year Round Light for 4x6" Wood Posts.

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Solar fence post cap lights for use on 4x6 wood post. Long life, 12 hours lighting time each day
Part Number: PCL4x6a
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PCL 4x6a Solar Post Cap Light

Introducing our premium 4x6" solar post cap light built to last. Fits on standard 4x6 finished wood fence posts(actual size 3.5x5.5")

  • New upgraded solar panel.
  • New higher brightness LED.
  • New circuitry with new power saving features.
  • New battery chemistry for faster charging, longer charge storage, longer life.

Price is for 2 solar lights per package with 2 pieces of 4x6 adapters. Once charged, the solar light has more than three nights of storage charge in the event of bad weather. Soft white light that is easy to see for 12 hours each night. Solar panels encapsulated in glass for long efficient life. Domed cover to let leaves and snow slide off to continue efficiently charging the light year after year. New LiFe battery powers the light for up to 5 years. Solar that works. Free-Light products install in minutes, brighten for hours and last for years. Actual mounting post size is 3.5"x5.5", for use on a standard 4x6 finished wood post. 


PCL 4x6a Solar Post Cap Light Features:

  • Price is for 2 lights per package, 2pcs of 4x6 adapters
  • Weather resistant BLACK ABS body
  • Super clear PC acrylic dome protecting the solar panel
  • Installs in minutes. Turns on automatically at night, off 12 hours later.
  • New upgraded superbright white LED's
  • NEW LiFePo4 battery lasts up to 5 years
  • New custom designed electronics with microprocessor
  • New upgraded solar panel
  • Battery protection for longer battery life
  • For use on 4x6" finished wood posts (actual size is 3.5 x 5.5")

Carton size: 390mm x 180mm x 160mm 15.4" x 7" x 6.5" x 7"

Installation notes.    You will require a drill with 1/8" drill bit and a medium size Phillips screwdriver. Screws are included.

We do not predrill the adapter because we do not know which side the post will face in your fence installation. And we do not want extra holes in the post cap. We want to prevent water entry into your post.

Solar Fence Post Lights from a Big Box Store VS Free-Light PCL 4x4 Solar Post Cap Light

We recently reviewed solar fence post lights from a big box store. The price was 29.95 each. 2 LED, 2 components in the circuit, single 0.72W battery, small glue covered solar panel. Run time on a full charge was about 10hours. Assuming 10 hour on time at night, there are 0 nights back up reserve power for cloudy days.

Compare to our PCL 4x4 Solar Post Cap Light: 5 LED, 35components, single 3.2W battery, large glass covered solar panel. Run time on a full charge is more than 40 hours. This means at least 3 nights of reserve power for cloudy days.

There is no comparison. Buy the best light available and you only need to replace the battery every 4-5 years. Or buy from box stores and replace the lights each year.

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