Do I Have to Store my free-lights?

It's coming. Cooler temperatures and winter. Darn. We're often asked about winter care for free-light solar lighting products. Here is some helpful advice.

Cast Aluminum Products:

Durable Cast Aluminum Solar LightsFor those of you who have installed our durable cast aluminum products around your home and garden, no worries! Your free-lights will continue to function throughout the winter months. Rugged cast aluminum bodies do not rust or bend. Our lights are rated to work as low as -25C (-13F). Should you notice a reduction in brightness and lighting time, keep in mind this is due to the change in the sun's direction and its brightness. Fear not!  In a few short months, spring will be back and we will once again enjoy long and bright days! 

If you decide to store your free-lights, please remove the batteries. If the light is left intact during the winter months, the battery will likely be depleted by the time spring rolls around again. 

Solar Expressions Table Lights:

Solar Table Light ParisSolar Expressions must be taken indoors. If you plan to use them inside, keep in mind that newer windows dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight actually coming through the glass. The result of this advancement in window technology is that the charging time for your Solar Expressions may take longer than what you are accustomed to outdoors in direct sun. This means the batteries may not fully charge indoors, so please understand that lighting time and brightness may be reduced.

Take pictures of your garden now. Then during the winter months, you'll be able to plan improvements around your home and garden including lighting for aesthetics, safety, security and of course, neighbour envy!  Browse the free-light "no wires... just add sun" catalogue often!