Ahhh... The Great Outdoors! 

Weekends were made for kicking-back, relaxing and entertaining family and friends in and around your property, whether it's a deck, dock, garden, pool, patio, cabana, cottage, or camp-site. But what are you going to do when the sun goes down - sit in the dark? That's when free-light Solar Lighting products shine! You can add a little ambiance with free-light Lantern Solar Lights you can read by - featuring soft white light that's easy on the eyes and lasts up to 11 hours. Don't forget about stunning and gorgeous Table Solar Lights, individually handcrafted by glass artisans. They are as beautiful by day as they are bright by night. Solar lights the way they should be: easy to use with long lasting light. Celebrate the outdoors with high quality free-light outdoor solar lights today. Check for special offers too!