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Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit. Allows you to convert any standard light bulb fixture to a solar light.
Retrofit kit includes the solar panel, battery, light bulb and cables to convert your standard light fixture to solar

Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit. Allows you to convert any standard light bulb fixture to a solar light.

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Part Number:Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit
  • Best Features of RETROFIT Solar Lamp Kit:Allows you convert any standard light bulb fixture to solar operation
  • 2 brightness settings for use anywhere.
  • Huge solar panel for fast charging its long life lithium battery.
  • Easy installation
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Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit

Allows you to convert any standard light bulb fixture to operate as a solar light. What to do when you do not like the styles offered for solar lights? Easy choice. Buy the Retrofit kit. Then buy whatever fixture meets your needs. As long as your new fixture has a standard single light bulb socket, you can make it solar powered.

Easy to install.
1. buy your light fixture that fits your exact needs(the fixture must use a single standard E27(regular 60W) light bulb socket)
2. buy the Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit
3. Install the solar panel. 
4. Run the single cable to the light fixture and connect the  two wires to your light fixture with included accessories.
5. Install your light fixture
6. Install the supplied LED bulb
7. Turn on the solar panel power switch
8. Tidy up the wire installation using the supplied wire clips.
Enjoy light that same night.

What to do when you want a specific look or size fixture to install on your cottage, bunkie, boat house, shed,yurt....but can not find a solar light solution? We have the solution. Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit allows you use your standard light bulb fixture and have it work as a solar product.

The Retrofit kit includes:

20W crystalline solar panel with built in electronics and battery

15' of cable to go from the solar panel to the light fixture

LED light bulb

Wire clips and twist connectors to complete the installation.

The large effective solar panel with powerful battery gives up to 20 hours of lighting time on a single charge. Easy to install, the light has a 15' cable to connect to the solar panel and an optional 10' extension cable gives you even more flexibility. 2 brightness settings for seasonal change. 

RETROFIT Solar Lamp Kit Specifications

  • Purpose: convert any standard single light bulb electrical fixture to solar operation
  • Number of LEDs in supplied bulb: 18 SMD type natural daylight color, mounted in standard light bulb body.
  • Bulb size: Standard E27 socket with rated life of 40,000 working hours (regular 60W bulb size)
  • Brightness Settings: Two:  300 Lumens on bright mode, 150 Lumens on normal mode
  • Lighting Time: Up to 20 Hours on a Single Charge
  • Solar Panel: 20W Poly-Crystalline Type Non Yellow or Fade. 19” x 13" x 3"
  • Replaceable Battery: 11.1V 4Ah Lithium
  • Solar Panel Mounting: Wall mount brackets
  • WARRANTY: 1 year on the complete product against manufacturing defect, 10 years on solar panel.

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