Solar Lights for Outdoor Tables 

Say hello to summer and magical evenings outdoors with free-light quality-made table solar lights. These stunningly beautiful solar lights will captivate you by day and by night. Each one is a work of art, hand-crafted by glass artisans in glorious crackle finishes. We've taken outdoor solar lights for tables to a new level - and we're proud of it! 

Low Height Solar Lights for Tables and Other Horizontal Surfaces

Want to make your pool look enchanting at night? Add some free-light table solar lights around the edges, then sit back and watch. You can also place free-light table solar lights around your pond, patio, deck, hot tub, gazebo or even on the steps. They're light-weight and super simple to move around. We promise you pizzazz personified every night!  (And right now, there's a sizzling summer sale where we're offering an extra 5% off our sale prices. Seriously.)  

Luckily you don't have to choose just one! You can buy free-light dream destination solar table lights in Capri, Nevis, or Ibiza inspired designs. You can order one or more of each colour or order a collection of 2 (bewitching CAPRI and beautiful blue NEVIS) or 3 (bewitching CAPRI, blue NEVIS, glamorous green IBIZA). There are so many options! Enjoy our proven technology, and add some bling to your outdoors.  

Don't delay, order today the free-light way! (See how we did that rhyming thing? Fun!)