Had Enough of Ugly Fence Post Caps?

We have a solution for splitting or rotting wooden fence post caps. Add night-time function and day-time flair with free-light Solar Lights made especially for wood fence post caps in either 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 configurations. free-light Solar Lights for Wood Fence Post Caps are built to last. They are reliable, dependable, attractive, easy to install and offer 12 hours of soft white light. What a luminous idea! 

Here are two fabulous free-light features you won't see anywhere else! free-light Solar Lights for Wood Fence Post Caps are encapsulated in glass for long efficient life, AND they come with a domed cover so that leaves and snow slide off to continue efficiently charging year after year and season after season. Did you know you can also buy Flat Rail Solar Deck Patio Lights for installation on any flat surface. Same great free-light Solar Lighting features. So clever! 

Other free-light Features:

  • 2 lights per package
  • Weather resistant BLACK ABS body mounts easily to wood fence post
  • Super clear PC acrylic dome protecting the solar panel
  • Installs in minutes
  • 5 superbright white LED's (using 5 LED's in 1 light is unheard of in the solar lighting industry)
  • 3 NiMh 'AA' batteries
  • Custom designed electronics with microprocessor
  • Same solar panel type as used on our full sized products
  • Battery protection for longer battery life
Get your solar fence post caps today and show some pride... property pride! Check out our SALE items and free shipping offers too!