Shining the light on reliable outdoor Solar Lights

Now that we've turned back the clocks, darkness sets in sooner. Brighten up your home's night-time exterior with these superior quality outdoor solar lights by free-light. Here are our Top Selling Solar Lights for November... and hey - there's a SALE! With the added bonus of free shipping on orders over $75 what are you waiting for? Premium quality solar lights featuring sleek lines and awesome designs are in-store now! 

Column Pillar and Post Solar Lights

Solar Light PostWith so many styles to choose from, you'll want to add energy efficient and dependable free-light solar lights all around your property. Choose from solar lighting for pillars, walls, columns, and posts. Easy to install free-light are designed to light up your night and illuminate brick columns, vertical walls, pillars and posts.  

Here's the GALAXY PLUS Solar Light for Post Mounting. Installation time: 5 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver. GALAXY PLUS features automatic on for 10 hours each night and a 30' light footprint around the fixture. Order GALAXY PLUS now! 

Driveway Parking Entrance Solar Lights

Driveway Solar LightImprove the safety and security of your home. Superior and reliable technology will greet you and your guests every evening. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family and friends will arrive to a well-lit home. There are so many options to choose from. Browse all the solar light styles and models we have in-store for you!  

Pictured here is RA60 our All in One Solar Light for Driveways, Entrances, Parking areas. No digging, trenching, or wires. Robust remote control operation - will light up a 60' wide area when mounted 11' high. Learn more about the sensational RA60 Solar Light for Driveways/Entrances and order yours today!  

Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Motion Sensor Solar LightOptional light settings let you choose the right amount of light at the right time. Motion sensors will turn on the light when it's needed. The Guardian Solar Security Light (pictured here) offers 2 heads (better than one, right?) allowing 180 degree lighting. Super simple installation, The Guardian includes a remote solar panel for efficient charging. The Guardian offers tremendous value in a compact solar light for year round use around your home, garage, backyard, cottage, boathouse, stairs or business. Browse the Motion Sensor Solar Light catalogue options now and order yours today! 

Think of all the dark spots around your property. Then grab a cup of tea and explore the free-light Solar Light catalogue today. No wires... just add sun!