3 Reasons Solar Lighting is Being Incorporated into Home, Garden, and Cottage Designs. 

  1. You don't have to pay for electricity.
  2. Installation is easy. For most free-light products, you take the light out of the box, place it on your patio, walkway, column, pillar, or in your garden and you are done!  
  3. You never have to worry about turning solar lights on or off.
Pathway Solar Light 1M 39" tallThe technology for outdoor solar lighting is improving rapidly, and at free-light we're improving right along with it. free-light solar lighting products are more attractive than ever, they are shining more brightly, and their run-time is longer.

Basic Components of Solar Lighting Products:

1. Solar panel (with a solar cell inside) - converts sunlight into an electrical current 
2. Battery - wired directly to a re-chargeable battery that stores the electricity 
3. LED bulbs - miniature light emitting diodes that produce the light

Additional Factors when Shopping and Comparing Solar Lighting Products: 

  • Circuitry - the wiring that determines how efficiently the stored electricity is converted to light
  • Speed - the length of time required to charge 
  • Run time - the quality and integration of components determines how long the light will shine
  • Longevity - the number of years the product is rated to last
  • Appearance/Aesthetics - constructed of durable materials, weather resistant and attractive. Who wants an ugly bright light? 

7 more reasons why free-light solar lighting products outshine the others.

The free thinkers at free-light are always enhancing our solar lighting products and developing new and innovative designs that deliver on the promise of "no wires... just add sun. "