Enjoy a free-light Winter.

The end of the outdoor living season will be here before you know it! Here are some tips for winterizing your free-light products:

Cast Aluminum Products:

colonial post mount solar light by free-lightFor those of you who have installed our free-light cast aluminum products around your home and garden, no worries!

Your free-light solar lights will continue to function outdoors throughout the winter months

Should you notice a reduction in lighting time, keep in mind this is due to the change in the sun’s direction and brightness. Fear not!  In a few short months, spring will be back and we will once again enjoy long and bright days!

Solar Expressions Table Lights:solar table light by free-light

Solar Expressions must be taken indoors for the winter. If you plan to use them inside, keep in mind that newer windows dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight actually coming through the glass. The result is that lighting time and brightness may be reduced and charging time may take five times longer than what you are accustomed to outdoors.

If your Solar Expressions will be hibernating (in storage), the batteries MUST be removed from the unit. The batteries supplied with your Solar Expressions are 3 x AA Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries. These typically last 2 seasons before you need to buy new batteries.

Should you decide to store any of your free-light products for the season, you must disconnect or remove the batteries from the unit.

We care about how you care for your free-light solar lights. The free-light experience doesn't end at the check out line. If you have questions about winterizing your free-light solar lights, feel free to contact us by email [email protected] or by phone (Canada and U.S.) 1-855-319-3511 or locally 905.319.3511.