free-light Solar Lights Have Style - Lots of Style!

Solar Light for Fences and WallsThey're incredibly versatile too. Find a model you love and enjoy its multiple applications or uses around your home, cottage, business or backyard. Forget about adding to your monthly expenses - start reducing your dependency on hydro electric power and increasing your love of the sun and its renewable power! 

If you're like many free-light customers, sky-rocketing hydro bills are sending you into orbit. There is an alternative. Imagine installing free-light solar lights. No digging or trenching is required. Depending on the model you choose, you may have to use a couple of screws, but that's it. We couldn't make installing free-light Solar Lights easier if we tried.

What's Your Outdoor Lighting Improvement Goal?

Add a decorative touch, increase safety and security for visitors, add more light, improve the curb appeal of your home? There is a free-light solar light ready to light up your front yard, back yard, pool, patio, gazebo, hot tub, courtyard, driveway, tables, fence posts, doors, walls and more! Browse our complete solar lighting catalogue today and brighten your night the free-light way!  
Shop free-light solar lights now and come into the reliable, renewable, and remarkable free-light! We ship to Canada and the U.S. 

p.s.  There are two NEW! Expressions Solar Lights for outdoor tables now being hand-crafted as only free-light glass artisans can. Delightful details will follow.