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Do I Have to Pack Up My free-light Solar Lights for Winter?

You can leave all your free-light solar lights outdoors - except for Solar Expressions Table Lights. They must be taken indoors to protect the exterior finish of the globe. Remember to remove the batteries from the unit before you kiss it goodnight.

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Solar Light Folklore Debunked by free-light

True or False:

All solar lights use a maximum of 5 LEDs for brightness. False.
Only free-light solar lights use 36 LEDs in its 12V solar lights and 18-24 LEDs in the 6V models. True.

True or False:

All solar lights come with a warranty. False.

free-light products carry a complete product one year warranty and impeccable customer service. If you ever have a problem or a question about your solar light, contact us by e-mail through our website or call us at 855 319 3511. True.
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