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Fables and Falsehoods of Solar Lights

Posted by on 12/16/2016

Shining the Light on Bright Solar Lights! 

We're so disappointed when we see other solar lights not living up to their promise of brightness. Not free-light solar lights! Help us change the perception that solar lights are wimpy and weak. Going to a holiday party? Debunk what you hear about solar. Here are the comments we hear most often...  

free-light Solar Lights for the Holidays!

Posted by on 12/7/2016

Gift Ideas That Will Outshine All Others!

You've probably noticed, we love playing with words like brilliant, dazzling, bright, and luminous when describing free-light solar lighting products. But one thing we never play with is the technology that goes into each and every free-light product. You may find cheaper solar lights - but you'll never find better
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