free-light Solar Lights Salutes Mothers Around the Globe!

It's the toughest job in the world. 

Children finish their education, a race, a painting, a project, a concerto, but a Mom never finishes being a Mom. Wikipedia says, Mother's Day is observed in more than 40 countries and is a day when motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society are recognized and celebrated. The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day. There are also birthdays, other special events and just-because occasions when you can present Mom with a beautiful free-light solar light that she'll love for years to come. Here are some really helpful hints (because we're Mom's too!):
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Outdoor Solar Lighting Techniques & Effects

11 free-light Solar Lighting Effects 

Incorporate these popular and very effective lighting styles and techniques into the solar light design plan for your landscape. Be thoughtful with your solar lighting design. It might look great on paper, but too many lights can make your landscape look busy and frantic. Focus on the important elements that will draw the eye towards specific areas, landscape features or structures. 

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Feel Safe & Secure with Wall Mounted Solar Lights!

3 Things Wall Mounted Solar Lights Add!

Wall mounted solar lights such as free-light's Galaxy Wall Mounted Solar LightHORIZON Wall Mount Solar Light for entrances, SENTINEL Bright Solar Security Light, and Solaris Solar Stair Entrance Light have 3 things in common:

  1. Added safety. You won't be fumbling with your keys in the dark. Your guests will be able to see their way to your front door. Emergency vehicles will be able to locate your address. 
  2. Added security. Brightly lit entrances are deterrents for criminals. 
  3. Added ambiance. Improves the curb appeal of your home. 

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Pathway and Fence Post Solar Lights for Spring!

Celebrate Spring with New Ideas in Solar Lighting! 

The NEW! Millenia Solar Pathway Light disperses 30' of light from a stylish light fixture that is 31.5" tall (or .8M / 80cm) and a perfectly square 10.25" (26cm) width and length. The Millenia Solar Pathway Light by free-light turns on automatically at dark and turns off 5 hours later. The large crystalline solar panel keeps the large batteries charged each day. The Millenia Solar Pathway Light is the perfect addition to any landscape, walkway, pathway... anywhere you'd like more light without wires or electricity. Oh free-light! No wires... just add sun! 

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