Celebrating the Great Outdoors (only for a limited time)

Spring and Summer are "gee" seasons... golf, gardening, gliding, and ghost hunting. 

your outdoor space BEFORE free-lightAs the darkness sets in and you're done having fun for the day, wouldn't it be great to sit back and relax on your deck, dock or patio with a refreshing beverage, admire your surroundings and actually see your friends?

Wimpy solar lighting (pictured left) won't cut it.

your outdoor space WITH free-light solar lightingYou want (and deserve) light that is bright enough to see the whites of their eyes as you describe your latest adventures, in detail.

Explore free-light. We have an extensive collection of solar lighting products to satisfy every need for free, renewable, light that looks great, installs in seconds, brightens for hours and lasts for years. 

Light up all the areas around your home, office, cottage or camp. free-light solar lights are great for safety, security, and the illumination of walkways, pathways, tables, courtyards, patios, driveways, gardens, decks, fence posts, landscape uplighting, and stairs.

no wires... just add sun!

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People Say The Nicest Things...

People Say The Nicest Things...

OMG Goodies WebsiteKameo Monson recently reviewed free-light's Willow Solar Table Light on OMG Goodies. Here is what Kameo thinks of our Willow Solar Table Light: 

"Free-Light makes the highest quality solar lights for your yard.  The Willow Solar Table Light is beautiful both during the day and the night.  OMG Goodies is positive everyone will love this light.

Willow table light by free-lightThe Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light is hand-crafted by a glass artisan.  The glass is absolutely beautiful day or night. It gently reflects light and sparkles as the sunlight touches it during the day.  At night the light is a soft glow that adds the perfect amount of light to the space you choose to light.  I have mine outside my front door on a table where it can gather west sun.  It would be perfect on a patio table during an evening under the stars.

The Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light has the solar panel on the top of the light and 5 LED lights shining down into the glass lamp.  It comes with 3 rechargeable and replaceable AA batteries (Ni-Mh batteries).  The glass is a shimmering green that makes it appear both bluish and yellowish at times instead of a solid flat green.  It adds so much to the beauty.  The glass isn’t solid, but small pieces grouted together. The grout adds to the shimmering effect as well. I cannot state enough how pleased I am with the design of the Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light.  It is beautiful!

Free-Light explicitly states their lights should be charged in direct sunlight.  I suggest following those instructions – as the light will be provide a better glow.  However, for this review, I went ahead and left it on my kitchen table for  a few hours – with it switched to OFF (suggested for a quicker charge), to see what kind of charge is possible without optimal lighting.  Just as stated by Free-Light, it charged and turned on – but not for long. I forgot to shut it off.  The next night, at 2:30 AM, I walked downstairs in the dark to find a glowing Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light on my table. So, while this light is not intended for indoor use, and I highly suggest it charge outside, this was proof to me of the quality of the panels used. A low-quality panel will not charge in such poor conditions.  I was very impressed; however, both my Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light and I am happier now that it brightens my front yard!

willow table solar lightI would recommend the Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light to anyone.  It is a perfect gift for family or friend!  With Free-Light Willow Solar Table Light everyone can have their very own night-time oasis!"

Thank you Kameo! We appreciate every one of your kind words.

Ready to read more reviews of free-light solar light products?  

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Who doesn't love a long holiday weekend?

Canadian and American FlagsWe spend lots of time in both Canada and the United States. That's why everyone at free-light extends to our Canadian family and friends a Happy Victoria Day (May 18) and our American family and friends a Happy Memorial Day (May 25). Play safe!

Victoria Day and Memorial Day are the only two nights when free-light is fine with being out-shined... with sparklers and fireworks! Other than the 1st and 4th of July, of course.

Join the celebration! See how you can continue lighting up your nights the free-light way. No wires... just add sun!

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Friday's Super Solar Hero

Meet the NEW! addition to free-light Family: The GLOBE Solar Light

free-light Globe Solar LightThe GLOBE solar light casts up to 12' of soft white light from a compact light body.

Great for:  Entrance and pathway illumination.

Other fabulous free-light features of The GLOBE:

  • Easy to install
  • Automatically turns on at night
  • Installs in seconds, brightens for hours, lasts for years

See the specifications and order The GLOBE from free-light solar lights today! 

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Look What's New Under the Sun!

The busy beavers at free-light

Boy, we've been busy - and now we're ready to show you the fruits of our labour. Introducing more new products from the friendly folks at free-light - just in time for Mother's Day AND gardening season. (Does it get any better than that?)

Uplight with SPOTLIGHT from free-lightSPOTLIGHT Solar Light

You'll appreciate this self-contained, all night light with power switch. Over-sized solar panel for quick battery charging assures light each night. Great for lighting up trees, name signs, address numbers. Shipped with 6" extension tube to keep the light above weeds and grass. Join the waiting list

SATURN Bollard Solar Light by free-light SATURN 1M Tall Solar Bollard
Picture 39.37" (or 1 meter) of beautiful height night light. The SATURN rings light up the night with 20' of light. Easy to install, 1M tall, the Saturn has as many applications as you can think of.....driveway, sidewalk, entrance, patio, deck, stairs. Made of stainless steel for long life. Learn more.

Globe Column Solar Light by free-lightThe Globe Solar Light 
The GLOBE solar light will put out up to 12' of soft white light from a compact light body. Great light for entrance and pathway illumination. Easy to install. Automatically turns on at night. Make the world a brighter place today.

Solar Table Lights
Artisan Glass Solar Table Lights by free-light

Gorgeous by day, spectacular by night, free-light solar table lights are individually hand-crafted by glass artisans. Their unique lustre glass coating enhances daytime reflectivity. All of our unique styles have a beautiful soft light print that will impress all. See all the stunning solar table lights and create your work of art today.
beautiful free-light solar table lights
Remember what makes free-light solar lights so special...
All free-light solar lighting products utilize solar power and LED lighting; they are self contained and offer significant benefits over typical outdoor lighting:
  • quick and easy installation
  • no trenching, cabling or wiring
  • minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change
  • all free-light products are made of high quality materials built to last
  • not affected by power outages 
  • proudly "green" and devoid of recurring carbon emissions
Solar the way it should be. No wires... ...just add SUN. Installs in seconds, brightens for hours, lasts for years.
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Friday's FAQ: Why is solar lighting becoming so popular?

Beacon Solar Dock LightBrilliant Response (BR):

There are 3 reasons solar lighting is being included in home, garden, cottage, deck and dock designs:

  1. You don't have to pay for electricity
  2. Installation is easy. Take the light out of the box, place it on your patio, walkway, column, pillar or in your garden and you are done! 
  3. You never have to worry about turning solar lights on or off

The technology for outdoor solar lighting is improving rapidly, and at free-light we're improving right along with it. free-light solar lighting products are more attractive than ever, they are shining more brightly, and their run-time is longer.

 Basic Components of Solar Lighting Products:

  1. Solar panel (with a solar cell inside) - converts sunlight into an electrical current
  2. Battery - wired directly to a re-chargeable battery that stores the electricity
  3. LED bulbs - miniature light emitting diodes that produce the light

Additional Factors when Comparing Solar Lighting Products:

  • Circuitry - the wiring that determines how efficiently the stored electricity is converted to light
  • Speed - the length of time required to charge
  • Run time - the quality and integration of components determines how long the light will shine
  • Longevity - the number of years the product is rated to last
  • Appearance/Esthetics - constructed of durable materials, weather resistant and attractive. Who wants an ugly bright light?

7 more reasons why free-light solar lighting products outshine the others.

The free thinkers at free-light are always enhancing our solar lighting products and developing new and innovative designs that deliver on the promise of "no wires... just add sun. "  

p.s. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10. Father's Day is Sunday, June 21. Brighten their day the free-light way!

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