Great Gifts For Dads - no strings (or wires) attached!

The Best and Brightest from free-light sun powered Solar Lights. 

Shop outside the box this Father's Day! Give him the second greatest gift of all (next to you, of course) - something he doesn't have to install! free-light fathers know best, that's why they're recommending these time-tested warriors of long lasting light! 
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Proof that Solar Lighting is Better!

6 Disadvantages of Outdoor Lights Powered by Electricity

  • You have to dig and/or trench
  • Need an electrician to install
  • Electricity costs money 
  • You have to set and change timers or switches
  • Easy as pie to cut through wires and hard to troubleshoot
  • Difficult to relocate
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Relaxing Weekends Were Made for free-light Solar Lights

Ahhh... The Great Outdoors! 

Weekends were made for kicking-back, relaxing and entertaining family and friends in and around your property, whether it's a deck, dock, garden, pool, patio, cabana, cottage, or camp-site. But what are you going to do when the sun goes down - sit in the dark? That's when free-light Solar Lighting products shine! You can add a little ambiance with free-light Lantern Solar Lights you can read by - featuring soft white light that's easy on the eyes and lasts up to 11 hours. Don't forget about stunning and gorgeous Table Solar Lights, individually handcrafted by glass artisans. They are as beautiful by day as they are bright by night. Solar lights the way they should be: easy to use with long lasting light. Celebrate the outdoors with high quality free-light outdoor solar lights today. Check for special offers too! 
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Solar Wood Fence Post Cap Lights by free-light

Had Enough of Ugly Fence Post Caps?

We have a solution for splitting or rotting wooden fence post caps. Add night-time function and day-time flair with free-light Solar Lights made especially for wood fence post caps in either 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 configurations. free-light Solar Lights for Wood Fence Post Caps are built to last. They are reliable, dependable, attractive, easy to install and offer 12 hours of soft white light. What a luminous idea! 

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Use Solar Lighting to Light Up Pathways and Feature Gardens

Accentuate the Positive of Your Biggest Investment.

As homeowners, we know the advantages of maintaining the single biggest investment in our financial portfolio. If you're thinking about redoing or enhancing your front-yard or back-yard this year, remember to incorporate a little night-time recap of all your day-time efforts. Reap the rewards and enjoy the results of your sweat equity by lighting up pathways and featuring all the beautiful areas of your property, including the pool, deck, dock, patio and gardens. Don't forget, you will also be creating a new "wow factor" for neighbours and others passing by after sunset.  
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