free-light University - Outdoor Lighting Styles and Techniques

What Kind of free-light do you Need?

Here are a few lighting styles and techniques to consider while you're designing and planning solar lights for your landscape.

solar lights for accentingAccent Lighting - Intense controlled beams of light to accent anything or everything! Accent lighting can be used on tables or in flower beds or around swimming pools to make them dazzle.

Capitol Pathway from free-lightContour Lighting - A type of down-lighting created with tier lights to accent the contour of a landscape; ideal for emphasizing borders and garden paths.

Cross Lighting
- Provides exemplary lighting for trees and statues from two or more directions to create a three-dimensional perspective.

RA-Parking by free-lightDown-lighting - Position your solar light source above the object and point the beam down. The light will be cast over a wide area like a patio, flowers in a planter, or fence post. For walkways, locate a downward-facing solar light close to the ground. This will create soft spreading puddles of light.

Eclipse solar light by free-lightGrazing - Position your solar light close to an interesting surface, a stone wall, wood fence, tree bark, or beautiful garden ornament to highlight its texture. Grazing can also be used to feature an attractive door.

Triumph solar light by free-lightMirror Lighting - Achieved by lighting a tree or other garden element that will create a reflection in a pool of water.

- Similar to Down-Lighting, using softer lights positioned high in a tree. This technique simulates moonlight filtering through the branches casting attractive shadows.

Pathlighting by free-lightPathlighting - Provides a safe, secure and visible path for walking at night. Different heights of pathlights achieve different effects.

Silhouetting or Back-lighting - Hide solar lights behind and below a distinct landscape feature like a tree. This creates a magical silhouette against the night sky.

free-light solar lightsSpot Lighting - Floodlighting used to accentuate statues and other lawn and garden elements.

uplighting by free-lightUp-lighting - Position your solar light source on the ground, or below the object. Point the beam upwards to highlight walls, large plantings, statues, and trees. This creates visual interest and dramatic focal points.

Be thoughtful with your solar lighting design. Too many lights can make your landscape look busy and frantic. Focus on the important elements that will draw the eye towards specific areas, landscape features or structures.

We hope you enjoyed free-light University! Is there a topic you'd like to learn more about? Let us know

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Upcoming Events Where You Can See and Enjoy free-light!

Come and see Cathy and free-light at these upcoming events:

free-light upcoming events
June 28: Mar Flea Market at the Handicraft House. Hwy. 8 just north of Wiarton. Market runs from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

July 1:  Bluewater Park in Wiarton. Events and marketplace open at 10:00 am. The marketplace runs until 4:00 pm

July 5 (tentatively): Mar Flea Market at the Handicraft House. Market runs from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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free-light University - How to Shop for Solar Lighting Products

What to Look for When Shopping for Solar Lighting Products.

solar lighting check listHere are some questions to ask and information to look for when you're shopping for solar lighting products. Having a great solar lighting plan is one thing... getting the right products for the job is quite another.

Before your shopping trip, walk around your neighbourhood during the day and at night. It won't take long to discover that the greatest plans with the weakest lights don't do properties justice. 

1. Brightness. How bright are the solar lights?

As a point of comparison, free-light solar lighting products use 6-36 LEDs to provide plentiful natural soft light. Competitors use 1-5 LEDs resulting in disappointing light output.

2. What type of light is emitted?

free-light uses daylight natural color LEDs to enhance your yard's beauty compared to the typical blue white lights that detract from your yard's appearance. And how about those dingy yellow lights? (yuck)

3. Speed to Charge. How long do they take to charge?

free-light products provide proper operation with as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. Any more sunlight is stored in the battery for the next nights use. free-light solar lighting products charge 4 times faster than conventional solar lighting products.

4.  How many years are they rated to last?

free-light solar panels are rated for 20 years of use compared to others that fade or yellow in a short time.

5. Are the electronics weatherproof? 

free-light uses weatherproofed electronics for long life while most competitive lights have a short life time.

6. Is the design of the light in keeping with the architectural features of your property or landscape?

free-light solar lighting products come in several styles, heights and designs from classic to contemporary.

7.  Support. Is there a phone number you can call to ask questions?

At free-light we love hearing from customers and welcome your questions.

8. Cost. What's the price? 

We have never professed to be the least expensive in solar lighting products, but we are certainly the best. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for!

Shop. Compare. Buy free-light. Rejoice!

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What to Get Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday, June 21

Oh no, not another tie! This year, make it really special for Dad. Help him spiff up the yard - and save money - using the energy of the sun, rather than the energy of the wallet!

free-light solar lighting products are built to last. They're easy to install, no wires required, they brighten for hours and last for years.

Grab some popcorn and watch these informative and entertaining videos, some narrated by our design genius, David:

free-light presents the Galaxy... it's out of this worldThe Galaxy Solar Pillar Light. free-light's column mount solar light that offers lots of light from a very small footprint. The light has a power switch for vacation mode. Automatically turns on at night and stays on for up 12 hours. Easy installation with only 2 screws. The base is < 7" wide, so it can mount onto posts/pillars as small as 8".

The Disc solar light by free-lightThe Disc Solar Pathway Light.  Our constant brightness natural white pathway lights make solar work for you. All the light is directed down to light your way. The brightness never varies: the light is either on or off. The same battery protection circuit as our full size products allows 2 years or more battery life. The solar panel is mounted under glass to achieve up to 20 year life span.

The Orb solar light for landscapingThe Orb Solar Pathway Light. Tired of weak blue light, or lights that work less than a season? Our consistently bright natural white pathway lights make solar work for you. All the light is directed down to light your way. The brightness never varies: the light is either on or off. The same battery protection circuit as our full size products allows unprecedented battery life. The solar panel is mounted under glass to achieve up to 20 year life span.

We've got everything free-light under the sun. Browse the free-light solar light catalogue for even more great ideas for Dad. Give him a hug for us!
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free-light University - Solar Lighting for Landscapes 101:

Creating a Solar Lighting Plan

Plan your solar lights to look this great!Creating a plan for solar lighting is not that different from traditional electrical lighting projects. Aside from not having to work with pesky wires, electrical connections, shovels, and installation instructions, you only have to plan for 2 things:  

1.  The solar light must be positioned in a sunny area so it can recharge itself, or  

2.  For shady areas, provision should be made for a Remote Solar Panel.  

How many and where?

Two questions we're often asked!  Here are a few solar lighting design tips from your friends at free-light:

  • If you want solar lighting for accents along a path or walkway, choose lights that give a smaller, softer light and space them farther apart.
  • If more light is needed, position the solar lights closer together so that they overlap more.
  • Generally speaking, smaller profile lighting for residential projects should be spaced 6 - 8 feet apart, while commercial applications requiring more light should be placed 4 - 6 feet apart.
  • Before you actually purchase solar lighting products, figure out how many lights you need. Measure your space and mark the location for your solar lights. You can use garden stakes, sticks or plant pots to help you identify locations. Step back, admire your work and make adjustments. Sometimes the smallest change in height or location can make the biggest difference.  

Lighting design comes down to two things: personal preference and lighting needs. Scroll through our catalogue and you'll see many applications of free-light solar lighting products in use. Our customers often send us photographs of their new free-light solar lighting landscapes, and we encourage you to do the same.

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