Celebrate Solar Lighting This July!

Declare Your Independence with Solar Power Instead of Electricity! 

Let's face it, trying to light up the darkness in and around your home, cottage, camp, cabin or office with electricity can cost a bundle. Whether you're hosting an outdoor event, or just relaxing in your great outdoors, why spend, spend, spend, when you can save, save, save with free-light solar lighting products. Often imitated but never duplicated, free-light solar lights provide constant brightness year round with weatherproofed electronics for long life. free-light uses natural daylight coloured LEDs to enhance your yard's beauty.  

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Get Decked Out with Solar Lights!

Light It Up This Season! 

Whether you want to light up your pathways, stairs or deck - or illuminate a dark area for better security, long lasting free-light solar lighting products lead the way when it comes to reliability, light output, style and longevity! free-light solar lights are easy to install, require no digging, no cords, and they leave powered pathway lighting in the dust. 

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Are You Still On The Fence When It Comes to Solar Lighting?

It's Time To Change Your Mind About Solar! 

Add some pizzazz to your property and get the neighbours talking about your new free-light solar lights for gardensdecks, and hey - even fence posts! free-light does it right with solar technology that's built to last. Our high efficiency solar panels charge up to 4 times faster than others - and they're rated for 20 years of use compared to others that fade or yellow in no time. 

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Solar Lights for Columns & Pillars & Courtyards, Oh My!

Luminous Solar Light Wherever You Need It. 

free-light Courtyard Solar Lights are the perfect addition to landscapes, backyards, driveways, entrances, walkways, parking areas, patios - everywhere you want more light at night! free-light Solar Lighting products are well-made, durable, dependable and oh, so versatile! We may suggest using a particular style for say, courtyard lighting, then someone will tell us, "hey - these were great at the roadway entrance to our cottage" or "what a relief to have reliable light at our campsite at night." 

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Solar Lights with Phenomenal Function and Flair

Add The Finishing Touch to Your Property

It's almost time to sit back and reflect on all your hard work. Maybe you've been renovating the cottage, upgrading the pool and patio, or cleaning up the front of your yard. Don't forget about adding the pi├Ęce de résistance - solar lights for security, way finding, safety, and aesthetics.
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