Reviews for free-light Quality Solar Lighting Solutions

Tooting the free-light Solar Light Horn

Mom always said it's not nice to toot your own horn, but in this case, we don't think Mom will mind. 

free-light solar lighting solutions

When it comes to outdoor solar lighting solutions, for homes, cottages, businesses, there are a lot of claims out there about how great they are, how long they last, and so on. We believe one of the ways you can be confident when making your purchase decision is to look for product reviews. Then ask about customer service.

We'll save you some time. We encourage customers to share their opinions on free-light solar light products, and now we're going to share them with you!

Check out these free-light solar lighting reviews, and please remember to share yours! At free-light - we make them, we sell them, and we support them. Wonder no more.
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Solar Lights for Garden, Patio, Deck, Dock and even Fence Posts!

Not that we're bragging, but...

free-light brings new meaning to outdoor lighting. Not only do free-light solar lighting products out-shine the others, they also provide free light for years to come. These are the best solar lights available today. free-light solar lights install in minutes, brighten for hours and last for years. No wires required... just add sun!

Solar Lights for all Locations!

Quality Solar Lighting Solutions Canada from free-light

Solar Pathway Lights, Solar Table Lights, Solar Courtyard or Patio, Solar Driveway and Parking, Solar Garden, Deck, Patio, Solar Fence Post Lights, Solar Lanterns, Solar Security Light, Solar Landscaping and Uplighting, Solar Stair and Deck Markers, Solar Brick Column and Solar Post Lights... there is a quality solar lighting solution for every home, cottage, backyard, driveway or business!

Shop today the free-light way and have a brighter tomorrow!
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Enhance the Curb Appeal of your Home with Solar Lighting

Solar Courtyard and Patio Solar Lights You Can Hang Your Hat On!

You can depend on free-light solar lightsWe love that expression, "hang your hat on" ... it means something that is reliable, dependable, and always there when you need it. Just like free-light solar lighting products! No wires... just add sun!

The great outdoors are well, great... but sometimes it's not so easy to find your way or navigate a path, especially if it's unfamiliar. Be a good host. Just because you know your way around in the dark, doesn't mean your guests do.

Improve the first impression of your home, cottage, backyard... and the safety and security of your visitors. Check out the free-light solar lighting products for courtyards and patios. Thoughtful designs, unlimited applications, built to last.

How can we light up your life today?

p.s. Father's Day is June 21.
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There's Dark... and Then There's Cottage Dark

Cottage Dark...

You know, the kind of dark where you can't see your hand in front of your face? Sure, you could equip every member of the family with flashlights (and spend a fortune on batteries), or you could get yourself one, two or a few free-light products like these:

For the dock:

Beacon and EclipseThe Beacon (foreground) The Eclipse (background). Perfect solar lights with a shorter stature to keep light low to the ground (or in this case, dock).

For the stairs:

Navigator for stairs, steps, docksNavigator. Easy to install. Just drill a 1.375" hole and install the light. The virtual flush fit will help you say bon voyage to stubbed toes!

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For the driveway:

Bollard - or tall light by free-light solarNew! Saturn - 1Meter tall (39") Bollard. The Saturn rings light up the night with 20' of light.

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For safety and security: 

Sentinel automatic security light by free-lightSentinel. Ideal for doorways of all kinds! Works reliably on as little as 20 minutes of sunshine per day!

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To see more free-light solar lighting products and everything that's new under the sun in solar lights, browse the catalogue. But don't be surprised if you need your sun glasses.

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