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The Highlights and Low Lights of Autumn

Posted by on 9/23/2016

Say Phooey to Fall!   

Bright solar light for outdoor patios and moreYes, starting in September, darkness comes sooner. Say phooey to fall this year! Whether you want to up-light a tree as its leaves begin their descent, highlight a fence post, low light a pathway, illuminate a driveway, or brighten up an outdoor table, free-light solar lights get top marks for reliable and bright outdoor lighting that lasts all season long. Appropriate for residential and business applications, free-light solar lights are designed to withstand all 4 seasons. Grab a sweater and head outdoors this weekend knowing free-light will continue to lead the way in solar lights - brilliantly.

Improve the Aesthetics and Security of Your Home

Posted by on 9/14/2016

Outdoor Solar Lights by free-light - No wires... just add sun!

Outdoor Solar Light Colonial StylingSolar lights by free-light can drastically improve the appearance, aesthetics and security of your property. When darkness sets in, you can relax and enjoy your garden, patio, deck, dock or pool with our high performance solar lighting products. Our solar light fixtures offer flexible and reliable light without wires, digging or trenching - from accent lighting to security lightingpathways and walkways there is a quality-made free-light product that's right for your home or cottage. 
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