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IBIZA Solar Table Light - IBIZA Green. Night Time Apple Green Sparkle Around Your Patio.
CAD39.95 CAD24.00 Sale
Bring your deck to life with IBIZA.
NEVIS Solar Table Light - NEVIS Blue. Night Time Blue Sparkle Around Your Patio.
CAD39.95 CAD21.60 Sale
Small qty discounts available
CAPRI NEVIS Combo Solar Table Lights - 1 x White & 1 x Blue. 2 Lights
CAD79.00 CAD43.00 Sale
Price is for 2 lights
CAPRI NEVIS IBIZA Combo Solar Table Lights - CAPRI White & NEVIS Blue & IBIZA Green. 1 of Each
CAD119.00 CAD58.50 Sale
Three great lights, special price.