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The WORK Light Solar Kit - Indoor & Outdoor Solar Light
WORK light can be used anywhere you need light but no power is there

The WORK Light Solar Kit - Indoor & Outdoor Solar Light

Your Price: CAD229.00
Arrival Date: January 21. Call to Reserve.
Part Number:The WORK Light
  • Best Features of Indoor & Outdoor Solar Light:The WORK Light works anywhere.
  • Bright solar light with more than 16 hours of lighting time.
  • Variable brightness by remote control on the solar WORK Light.
  • The WORK Light includes a convenient wall mount switch as well.
  • Easy installation. The WORK Light needs no hydro wires, no trenching and no electrician costs.

The WORK Light, Solar Lighting Kit for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Imagine a variable brightness indoor solar light that works in your house, porch, basement, cabin, cottage, garage, work shed, boathouse, bunkie, yurt, tent, picnic hutch, gazebo, RV, boat, camper .... almost anywhere you need light and don't have power. On demand indoor solar light when you need it. Enough natural, non glare light to easily illuminate a 15x15' room.

The efficient solar panel mounts outside, up to 10m (30') away from the light. The WORK light can be operated by its end of light function switch, wall mount switch or by included remote control. With timer control, variable brightness and variable lighting operation modes, this lighting package will work for you. At full brightness, the WORK light will stay on for 6 hours. On 30% brightness with motion setting, the light can stay on up to 30 hours. An indoor/outdoor solar light that when used as a portable light, can also double as a powerbank for your phone.

  • For Outdoor Workshops: No more trying to work in a small pool of light from a nearby flashlight. The WORK light illuminates your workbench and most of your shop... when you need it.
  • Boathouses: Open the door and the indoor WORK light turns on to fill the boat house with light for safe exit from the boat.
  • Off Grid Living: Useful light at remote locations in the house or property
  • RV and Camping: Charge the light during the day,even on your dashboard. At night, take the light with you.
  • Garages: Lots of light to work around the garage or over the workbench.
  • Porch: Great to read at night or entertain with just the right amount of light

The WORK Light Solar Lighting Kit Specifications:

  • Solar Panel: Mono Crystalline Type 18W
  • LED Power: 15W. 1800 Lumens
  • Battery: Lithium Type 24Ah
  • Accessories: Remote Control & Wall Switch
  • Light Length: 600mm

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