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Navigator WHITE Solar Marker (4pcs). Solar Lighting for Decks, Docks, Stairs and Hot Tubs.
CAD48.50 CAD39.00 Sale
Great light for dock stairs and hot tubs
PCL3i Solar 3x3 Post Cap Light(2pcs) for 3
CAD99.00 CAD84.00 Sale
Simply the best 3x3 post light on the market today.
CAD99.00 CAD39.00 Sale
Our BEST fence/gate post light. Year round performance
PCL4i Solar 4x4 Post Cap Light (2pcs) for Wood Posts.
CAD119.00 CAD81.00 Sale
Back in stock! Thank you for your patience.
PCL4x6i Solar Post Cap Light (2pcs). Reliable Year Round Light for 4x6
CAD124.00 CAD81.50 Sale
Available for immediate shipping. 2 lights per package.