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Borealis Party Solar String Lights. Let The Party Begin. 12 Bulbs. 2 Intensity Settings.
Huge solar panel to give you long light each night

Borealis Party Solar String Lights. Let The Party Begin. 12 Bulbs. 2 Intensity Settings.

On sale CAD69.00
All night long party light, BOREALIS
Part Number:Borealis
  • Best Features of Borealis 4 Color Edison String Solar Lights:Automatically turns on for up to all night light!
  • 48 LEDs in its 15 foot length with 2 power settings.
  • Huge solar panel for fast charging its long life lithium batteries.
  • Easy installation with many solar accent lighting applications.

Borealis Party Solar 4 Color Edison String Lights

4 Colour Solar Light for Summer Nights & Pool Parties

Ohh, summer nights... soft warm breezes, cool drinks and bright colorful lights to create just the right mood. The Borealis party solar string light automatically turns on each night, all night for up to 20 hours. There are 2 brightness settings to suit every style and occasion. We could go on about the advanced solar technology of this light, but really, it has to be seen to be believed. Easy to install. Create your own (solar) light display in minutes and dazzle your guests. The finishing touch for parties and get-togethers, Borealis solar light is a great addition to any yard, pool, cottage, dock etc.

Borealis Party Solar 4 Color Edison String Light Specifications

  • Effect: Awesome
  • Rope Length: 5M /16feet, 10 feet from solar panel to first light, and 23in between lights
  • Number of LEDs: 5 RGBY LEDs in each of the 12 bulbs
  • Bulb size: 1.9in wide, 3.1” tall
  • Brightness Settings: 2
  • Lighting Time: Up to 20 Hours on a Single Charge
  • Solar Panel: 4.5W Crystalline Type Non Yellow or Fade. 7.25”wide x 8.8”long x 2”thick
  • Replaceable Battery: 2X 3.7V 2Ah Lithium
  • Solar Panel Mounting: Wall or Ground Spike included

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