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CAPRI NEVIS IBIZA Combo Solar Table Lights - CAPRI White & NEVIS Blue & IBIZA Green. 1 of Each
3 color solar table light combo pack

CAPRI NEVIS IBIZA Combo Solar Table Lights - CAPRI White & NEVIS Blue & IBIZA Green. 1 of Each

On sale CAD87.00
Three gifts in one! Special holiday pricing!
  • Best Features of COMBO Table Solar Lights:Automatically turns on for 8 hours at night.
  • New high brightness design offers up to double the light.
  • Long lasting lithium battery lasts for years.
  • Updated from our hugely popular Belize-Aruba-Willow models.
Quantity Pricing
  • 2+
  • CAD84.39

Solar Table Lights: CAPRI 'White' NEVIS 'Blue' IBIZA'Green' Solar Expressions2 COMBO pack

Bright and beautiful, the CAPRI , NEVIS and IBIZA solar table lights are as much back yard bling as they are technologically advanced solar lights. During the day, they reflect color from their surroundings and at night their light can change depending on the table top. The new lustre coated reflective glass makes each light sparkle beautifully. Each Solar Expressions2 light is individually hand-crafted by glass artisans. Each light offers its own unique style of beautiful soft light that will impress everyone. Solar lights the way they should be: easy to use with long lasting light.

Solar. No wires... ...just add SUN

  • This is a combo pack of 1 x Capri White and 1 x Nevis Blue  and 1 x Ibiza Green solar lights
  • NEW: Single high capacity Lithium battery for long life
  • NEW: Lustre coated reflective glass for unbelievable sparkle
  • Open bottom for easy cleaning
  • Bottom mounted power switch for easier access
  • NEW: 5 new SUPER BRIGHT natural white LED’s
  • High efficiency solar panel covered in glass so it will not discolor
  • 175mm wide, 160mm tall
  • Includes anti slip pads for hard surfaces
  • Auto on at dark
  • NEW: auto off 8 hours later
  • Price is for 3 lights

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