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GALAXY Black Wall Mount Solar Light. Easy Install Solar Lights.
CAD179.00 CAD119.00 Sale
Traditional looks with state of the art solar technology
Shed/Guardian/Henley ext cable
In Stock
MUSKOKA Solar Wall Light. Full sized wall light with long lasting light output.
CAD229.00 CAD189.00 Sale
All aluminum construction! Free Shipping
Retrofit Solar Lamp Kit. Allows you to convert any standard light bulb fixture to a solar light.
CAD159.00 CAD149.00 Sale
Convert a standard outdoor light fixture to solar operation
Henley Gooseneck Solar Wall Light With Remote Solar Panel for Year Round Operation.
CAD89.00 CAD69.00 Sale
Our best selling wall light
NOVA Solar Fence & Wall Light, 10 Hours Lighting Time Each Night
CAD33.95 CAD21.00 Sale
Reliable year round light that can mount on standard 4x4 wood post